Rio 2016: Times Like This

01_rio_080616 Aug 5, 2016; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Fireworks launch over the stadium during the opening ceremonies for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games at Maracan

Posted in Photography, Photojournalism, Rio Summer Olympics, Thoughts On Life, Travel by Guy Rhodes on August 7th, 2016.

11 Responses to “Rio 2016: Times Like This”

  1. JILL says:

    You are truely amazing and CRAZY too!!! Be safe!

  2. David Joseph says:

    What a fantastic post!!! I thankfully have been following you on social media admiring your images for years! Thank you for sharing your experiences in Rio !!!

    Safe travels !

  3. Lety Estrada says:

    Loved it, but I have loved your writing since you wrote about your Popeyes experience lol. Hope you stay safe and keep us updated.

  4. Debbie Hartka says:

    Guy, I’m a friend of fellow photographer Kevin Jairaj. Thank you for sharing your travels through your photos and especially your blog. You need to write a book! What a profound post. Be safe. P.S. From one person to another who gets car sick driving on winding roads…..if available, club soda with a few drops of bitters over ice. It works wonders.

  5. Carrie Napoleon says:

    Guy Rhodes. Omg. I am in love with your posts. Your words are as illustrative as your images. You capture not only what is amazing about Rio but also about the profession of journalism. I cannot wait for the next one. Stay safe and keep them coming.

  6. Ben Clement says:

    Incredibly engrossing account, Guy. You should be interviewed daily by NBC.

  7. Jerome Miron says:

    Wow. Amazing story-telling to go along with your spectacular images. Well done, Guy!

  8. Lisa DeNeal says:


  9. Emanual Williams says:

    Outstanding Documentation!

  10. Jeff Thomas says:

    Hi, terrific captures. What was the data, speed,exposure, iso etc of the images of the shots of the fireworks in the Maracana stadium. And weren’t your really worried about entering the Favela with your equipment ? Thanks for sharing your images.

  11. Guy Rhodes says:

    Most of the fireworks images were somewhere around 200 ISO,