A New Understanding: 2015 Retrospective

01_guypoy2015_122915Mammatus clouds in the sky over St. Nicholas Church in East Chicago, Ind., following a thunderstorm, Wednesday, June 10, 2015. Mammatus clouds are formed by cool air sinking rapidly from the upper atmosphere.

For the past several years, whenever I’ve sat down to begin selecting my favorite images for this year-end blog, I’ve gotten an overwhelming feeling of worry. I’ve always second-guessed whether I’ve shot enough things throughout the year that stand out enough to be featured together in a best-of collection. Typically, my worries go unfounded, and I’m left struggling to narrow down 50 or more of my favorite images to a palatable selection.

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Floating Aloft


Sergeant Chris Clark (right) and Sergeant First Class Teigh Statler with the U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team jump from the team’s Fokker C-31A aircraft over Lake Michigan during their performance in the 2015 Gary Air Show in Gary, Ind., Saturday, July 11, 2015.

As the U.S. Army Golden Knight’s Fokker C-31A aircraft became light on its wheels and floated aloft from runway 12 at the Gary Chicago Airport, the team of skilled aerial performers seated ahead of me in the plane performed their ritual of donning their helmets in unison. It’s a ritual I’ve had the privilege of photographing each year since 2006 that the team has performed in Gary, Indiana, and I was thrilled to be back in the air for another opportunity. While theatrical lighting work this weekend prevented me from photographing and enjoying the air show as thoroughly as I typically would have, I was thankful to have a small portion of my schedule free to cover one of the Golden Knights’ morning jumps in this year’s 2015 Gary Air Show.

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Lighting Aviation History


A B-17G Flying Fortress sits on the ramp at Porter County Regional Airport in Valparaiso, Ind., Tuesday, July 30, 2013. The World War II era aircraft, built in 1945, currently tours the country as part of the nonprofit Collings Foundation. Three 600 watt strobes were used to light the aircraft.

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Skill and Bravery

A view looking towards the tail of a B-17G Flying Fortress in the sky over Porter County during a demonstration flight near Valparaiso, Ind., Monday, July 29, 2013. The World War II era aircraft, built in 1945, currently tours the country as part of the nonprofit Collings Foundation.

From my seat in the B-17G radio operator’s compartment, I peered out of the iPad-sized window above the left wing as runway 27 came into view at the Porter County Regional Airport. The aircraft lumbered to a stop at the end of the runway, and a few moments later, the pilot ran all four 1,200 horsepower radial engines up to takeoff power. The old bird roared and shook, as if it were a monster being provoked from a comfortable nap. The hot, exhaust-laden air rushed in through the open skylight above me, whipping my long hair in every direction.

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