Vapor Chill

A short film created by throwing cups of boiling water into the outdoor air with an ambient temperature of -12

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Labor of Lomoknio

A test video of bass player Marcus Heffner shot with the Lomokino Super 35 Movie Maker. The hand-cranked camera shoots motion pictures onto traditional 35mm still photo film rolls.

When I stumbled upon the Lomokino Super 35 Movie Maker while combing through photography tags on Instagram before bed a few weeks ago, I immediately knew it was a camera I had to have! With my recent plunge into the traditional photographic darkroom (and return to shooting onto film), the camera seemed to offer the perfect marriage between the discoveries I was making about photochemical developing versus everything I already knew about video and film making.

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Creative Buzz: NAB 2012

Microwave truck towers on display between the central and south halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the NAB show held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

There’s a certain, unmistakable camaraderie that exists among people involved in all of the fields that I work in. Even if I’ve just met a fellow photographer or lighting designer, working with them on a complex show or shoot within minutes of a first hand shake, there’s always a mutual respect and understanding right off the bat

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Cline Avenue Bridge Implosion

(From left) INDOT engineer Jim Kaur, Matt Henke with Reith Riley Construction, and Mike Borzych with Borzych Construction, survey a section of the Cline Avenue bridge after it was demolished with explosives in East Chicago, Ind., early Saturday, February 12, 2011. The bridge was closed permanently in late 2009 after major corrosion was found on support cables within the bridge’s structure.

Over my years spent behind cameras, I’ve learned that there’s a few subjects not to be passed up. Photographing the president – or for that matter, a presidential candidate – in your hometown would certainly be one. Significant weather events, such as last week’s Snowpocalypse, would be right up there as well. Or, as was the case this past Saturday, any event where an explosion of any sort is going to predictably occur! Cameras or not, what 20-something year-old guy in their right mind wouldn’t want to watch something light up and collapse into a pile of rubble? After all, that’s just plain cool. Enter Cline Avenue:

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