Creative Buzz: NAB 2012

Microwave truck towers on display between the central and south halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the NAB show held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

There’s a certain, unmistakable camaraderie that exists among people involved in all of the fields that I work in. Even if I’ve just met a fellow photographer or lighting designer, working with them on a complex show or shoot within minutes of a first hand shake, there’s always a mutual respect and understanding right off the bat — something that might take months to form with an average person off the street. No, I’m not saying we can’t be on the same wavelength if you’re not involved in a visual profession! But, you might have to wait out front while the in-crowd is ducking into the VIP entrance of my brain.

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Fleeting Spectacle

Waves crash onto rocks surrounding the Michigan City Lighthouse as the Aurora Borealis luminesce in the sky over Lake Michigan in Michigan City, Ind., Monday, April 23, 2012.

There’s something special about photographing fleeting, natural occurrences that are completely out of your control. Lightning, sunsets, interesting cloud formations, they all rank up there with beautiful things that I enjoy capturing with 0’s and 1’s. I suppose I find it liberating that Mother Nature’s fleeting spectacles fly in the face of the rigorous control necessary to create clean, photographic images. Successfully capturing them, as a result, is immensely rewarding.

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