Sochi 2014: Perspectives


Visitors to the Olympic Cauldron and rings at the Olympic Park in the coastal cluster of Sochi / Adler.

It’s great to be writing one of my last 2014 Winter Olympics blogs from the comfort of my own bed in the United States. So what if it’s 2:40 pm? Judge lest ye be judged! After going nonstop for three weeks, this time to recharge my batteries was much needed and earned.

I initially set out to do a blog per day while I was in Russia, but things during the last week started to get really tiring. Late night finishes followed by early morning wake-ups for the next event left me with a choice of getting four hours of sleep, or getting two and posting a blog. To keep my health and sanity in check, I chose the former.

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Pushing Fronts: 2013 Retrospective

The sun sets over the Riggin Barn on E. Riggin Road in Muncie, Ind., after severe thunderstorms inundated the area, Sunday, November 17, 2013. The outbreak of unseasonable thunderstorms spawned several tornados throughout the state of Indiana, including one in nearby Kokomo.

On the eve of my birthday (or “Guy Eve” as the day has become colloquially known in my inner circles), my mother was kind enough to bake me a birthday cake (a day early, since I’ll be spending my actual birthday jetting across the country for lighting work). The finished cake, sitting proudly on the kitchen table, was topped with two candles in the shape of a three and two. 3-2. Thirty-two.

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Conquering Fears

The Aurora Borealis luminesce in the sky over Lake Michigan near the lighthouse at St. Joseph, Mich., Tuesday, October 8, 2013. Aircraft and boats traveling through the frame during this 20 second exposure are seen as streaks of light. (Other tech specs: ISO 2000 @ ƒ4.0 on a Canon 1D Mark IV + 70-200mm 2.8 lens, 3500°K manual white balance.)

Ask yourself the following question: “What scares me the most?” We all have those sweat-inducing, “fight-or-flight” triggering objects or situations that drive us to the verge of panic. Some people are afraid of spiders and centipedes, some hate the dark. One of my male friends is legitimately terrified of clowns.

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Becoming Priceless

World War II veteran Dr. Quentin Smith holds a replacement congressional medal honoring the Tuskegee Airmen awarded to him during a ceremony held at City Hall in Gary, Ind., Friday, April 20, 2012. Smith, 93, fought in World War II as part of the famed 99th Fighter Squadron. Smith’s original medal was stolen when his home was burglarized last summer.

I’m a nostalgia junkie. As many of my close friends can attest, I have a very keen memory for events I’ve experienced and special people I’ve met throughout the years. In fact, part of the reason I enjoy photography so much is that, other than allowing others to see the world through my eyes, I get to freeze my life – moment by moment – and hold onto those moments indefinitely. The photos in my archive act as keys to the doors which my memories are tucked behind, unlocking the enjoyable adventures, arduous struggles, and unforgettable smiles that are allowed to live on forever.

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