Freedom Of Flight

AeroShell Aerobatic Team pilot Steve Gustafson of Tallulah, La., flies a World War II era AT-6 Texan aircraft in a formation over Lake Michigan near Marquette Park Beach in Gary, Ind., during the Gary South Shore Air Show, Saturday, July 10, 2010. This image was shot with a Go Pro Hero HD camera mounted to the wing, set to capture a still image once every two seconds.

Far in the distance, though the hazy blanket of hot summer night air, they greet my eyes as shimmering, golden orbs far on the horizon. A rising planet? A star? Something from beyond our solar system? I start to get nervous, “This might be it, Guy, remain calm.” With my eyes now keenly fixed on the target, the shimmering golden color begins to ascend into a brilliant white as the orb rises higher into the sky. OK, it’s not a star, definitely not a planet… this may be the mother ship! Quickly, I grab the binoculars and squint down the barrel. Rocking my hands back and forth on the focus adjustment brings the target into sharpness, and reveals the instant killjoy of my celestial backyard discoveries: rhythmically constant strobe lights. Just like all the ones before it, the mother ship I’d discovered was simply another Southwest 737.

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Posted in Aviation, Photography, Photojournalism on July 18th, 2010. 7 Comments.