Sochi 2014: Ski Slopestyle

James Woods (GBR) during the men’s slopestyle final of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park.

I really wanted to stay on the blog train daily here at the Winter Olympics, not only for everyone keeping up with my travels, but as a record of this experience for myself later on in life. I must confess, however, that this is the second entry I’m posting a day late. Lack of sleep is taking a toll on not only my day-to-day health, but everyone that I’m working with. To complicate matters, myself and several members of the team have come down with what we’re dubbing, “The Russian Fluuuuuuu.” Cue ominous, foreboding orchestral music, something like Tchaikovsky’s Marche Slave?

I’m very congested, coughing, and weak. Luckily, I packed a big box of DayQuil, which is at least making things manageable. Being sick here doesn’t come as a surprise to myself or anyone, because you’re commingling with people who’ve come – quite literally – from all over the planet to be here. Surely someone was bound to bring some nasty germs with them.

Anyway, I plowed through yesterday shooting the men’s ski slopestype qualifications and finals. Slopestyle is an X Games inspired course mixed with big jumps and small obstacles like rails, etc. It’s a fun event to shoot, but with two rounds of qualifying sending a total of 64 skiers down the course, it can become a bit repetitive, that is, until someone crashes.

Jules Bonnaire (FRA) crashes during the men’s ski slopestyle qualification of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. I must say, it’s quite scary seeing someone hit their head this hard.

Bonnaire appeared to be in a daze for several seconds after getting up from the crash.

I will never tire of mirror-finish goggles, especially when they reflect Olympics logos. Pavel Korpachev (RUS) during the men’s ski slopestyle qualification.

For the finals, I switched places with my colleague Rob Schumacher and hiked up the course for a different angle of the action. Chatting up course workers is never a bad idea, as they may invite you to stand a lot closer than you probably should!

Nicholas Goepper (USA) in the men’s ski slopestyle final during the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park.

Guy’s Russian Word of the Day is, “больной“, pronounced, “Bvenoy,” meaning, “Sick,” as in, “I hope I’m not going to be больной the rest of my trip here!”

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